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Net Neutrality Matters

Posted on: December 13, 2017 | Category: News

December 14, 2017 is the day that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plans to move forward on repealing the net neutrality rules that ensure that internet service providers cannot discriminate and control accessibility to certain websites, streaming media, and information on the internet.

Eliminating net neutrality protections would give internet service providers control over all of the information that is available via the internet, making information access a privilege rather than a right. It means your internet service provider could decide because it has a deal with one streaming video service (like a Hulu), that it will not allow you to access your favorite streaming video service (like a Netflix). It also means that internet service providers could start charging for the speed at which people have access to certain content on the internet, further marginalizing our most vulnerable internet users and populations who cannot afford to pay more.

Net neutrality preserves our right to communicate freely using the internet. It means that companies cannot determine what you have access to even if they do not agree with the opinions expressed. The elimination of net neutrality undermines our democracy.

The Hawaii State Public Library System is committed to free and equal access to information. We encourage you learn more about net neutrality to contact your representatives in the US Congress and/or FCC to voice your opinion regarding its appeal.

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