The Auntie Betty Blog: RB Digital

Posted on: May 22, 2020 | Category: News


Aloha Everyone,

Today’s highlight of the day features RB Digital, an e-resource that provides mostly magazines and some audiobooks. During this time of Safer at Home, we’ve all been doing lots of meal prep with perhaps some take-out now and then. RB Digital has lots of tantalizing cooking magazines like Bon Appétit, Cook’s Illustrated and more. If you’ve joined the home baking brigade, check out All Recipes magazine for more treats. If you’re like me, and have perhaps eaten too many sweets, there is also Eat Well and Clean Eating. Who knew breakfast salads were a thing? Another great feature of RB Digital is multiple use of material at a time – so there is no wait to check things out! Click here to try RB Digital!


A suggested list of magazines available on NoveList