The Auntie Betty Blog: Hawaii State Law Library System

Posted on: May 26, 2020 | Category: News


Aloha Everyone,

Ever have a legal question? And you weren’t sure where to go? Have you heard of the Hawaii State Law Library System? They are the best for finding answers to legal types of questions.

As the weeks go by, more questions pop up in our lives like “How am I going to pay rent next month if my job doesn’t pick back up?” There are ways to work things out with your landlord and rules they must follow during this time. My neighbor found out she qualifies for Unemployment Insurance and where to go for free food pick-ups. You may not be able to visit the law libraries in person right now, but a Virtual Reference Desk is set up to help and lists of resources are ready to assist. Just pick to click!

-Click for the homepage and link to the Virtual Reference Desk.

Click here for their collection of resources related to COVID-19.

Click here to learn about Unemployment Insurance.

Click here for information about Landlord-Tenant and Homeowner questions.

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