Book Returns in the time of COVID

Posted on: July 28, 2020 | Category: News

A shelf of quarantined booksMahalo for borrowing and returning our library materials! During COVID times you may be wondering – what happens to books and other borrowed items when they are returned?

Rest assured, we are following the latest research recommendations when it comes to library materials, made possible by REALM. REopening Archives, Libraries and Museums (REALM) is a research partnership between the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the research organization Battelle and OCLC, a global library organization. Battelle scientists have determined the COVID 19 virus is undetectable on library materials after five days. You can read more about this study here.

When items are returned, they are carefully moved and placed in a separate quarantine area where they are kept for at least four days. This means they will still show “Checked Out” when you view your account online or may be listed as items automatically renewed even after you have returned them. Once the four-day quarantine is over, staff check the items back in noting the actual return date, removing them from your library account. If you have any questions about returned materials still being on your account, wait a few days, and then give your local library a call. You’ll be happy to know we aim to take care of our patrons and keep any unnecessary overdue fines from being charged.  Keep on borrowing and we’ll get through this together!