ALERT | In accordance with Governor Ige's Executive Order 21-07, new requirements to enter libraries are in effect.
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Make a Computer ReservationStarting May 10, 2021, patrons will be able to use a public computer on a first-come first-served basis or by reservation in 47* of our 51 library branches for 60 minutes at time; 2 times per day per patron.  A valid library card number must be provided to make a reservation. Libraries will no longer close every 45 minutes to clean. All patrons will be required to wear masks that cover their nose and mouth at all times.

Two ways to make a reservation:
1)  online reservation or 2)  call the local library branch during open hours.


When will patrons be able to access library computers? During the open hours of the library branch.
How long is a computer session?60 minutes
How many computer sessions a day per patron?2
How many reservations can a patron make?One reservation at a time. Once the first session is finished, you may make another reservation.
Can a patron use their two (2) 60 minute sessions back-to-back?Yes. Simply talk with library staff and request an extension before the end of your current session.
Can patrons use computers as they would normally, or is use restricted in any way?We ask that patrons kokua their neighbors and only use the computer access for priority needs, such as: job searching, filing for unemployment benefits, maintaining email contact with friends and family, business needs, etc. so that those who need it will have a chance. Patrons will be able to print during their session.
What precautions are library staff taking to protect against COVID-19?Library staff will wear personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times, practice social distancing, and clean each computer station used between each session.
Can patrons bring someone with them?In order to practice social distancing and limit the number of people in the building, we ask that only the patron with the reservation come into the library. Exceptions may be made for patrons who need the assistance of one (1) person or a parent who may have a single child with them.

*Computer access is currently not available at the following temporarily closed locations: Hawaii State Library, Liliha, McCully-Moiilili, and Kahului.


How can I save files when using a library computer?
Files cannot be permanently saved on to the computer’s hard drive, but downloading to a personal storage device like a flash drive or USB drive is allowed. Remember to bring a personal storage device with you. You must save your files before the end of your session. Warning: files downloaded from the Internet may contain viruses. HSPLS is not responsible for any damage to users’ personal portable storage devices, computers and/or files resulting from their use of the computer.

How can I print from a library computer?
Most library computers are connected to printers. A 15¢ per page donation is appreciated to cover the cost of toner and paper. Printing must be completed before the end of your session. Internet users will receive up to three (3) end of session alerts. HSPLS is not responsible for incomplete downloads or printing.

How do I end or lock a session at a library computer in the library?
If you want to end your session early, click on the “End Session” button to allow other customers to use that computer. Be sure to remember to remove any personal storage devices you may have used during your session. If you need to leave the computer for a few minutes during your session, use the “Lock PC” option on the “Personal Session Manager.” This allows you to save your current Internet session if you need to step away from the Internet computer. To unlock the PC, enter your library card number and click “Unlock Workstation.” Note: Your session time will continue to count down while your PC is locked.

How do I know that the work I do on the library’s computer is not viewed by other people?
The computer reservation system that is used by HSPLS, SAM, ensures your privacy while using the library’s computer. When you end your session and log off the internet, SAM deletes all of the sites you have visited. Your printing information will also be deleted.