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Aloha! Although our buildings are not completely open, there are limited services available. Please check out Library Take Out or Computer Time at the Library.

Loan policies and returns

Loan policy

  1. Eligible patrons who borrow materials from the library accept responsibility for using materials with reasonable care, and returning them to the lending agency according to established loan policies.
  2. The loan period for books and magazines in all formats is 4 weeks.
  3. No fines for overdue books/materials will be levied; however, patrons are urged to return materials on time so they can be available for other patrons.

Returning materials

  1. If materials or equipment are defective or in the wrong container, please contact LBPH.
  2. Make sure that any books/materials, magazines, or equipment returned meets the FREE MATTER postal regulations.
  3. When mailing materials, please turn over the address card in book container pocket, and make sure the library’s address is facing up
  4. Please indicate on the address card if the book is defective and whether you want another copy sent.
  5. Do not remove any other cards in the book container pocket.

Mailing instructions

  1. If you wish to change your mailing schedule or the number of books you wish to receive, please notify LBPH so we can follow your instructions.
  2. For patrons who request books “On Demand,” books will be sent only when you instruct LBPH to do so.
  3. For those using the “On Demand” option, when you send a request list to LBPH, please indicate on the list how many books you would like sent at one time.
  4. For those using the “Turnaround” option, return each book as you finish reading it. Returning all the books at one time will result in your receiving only 1 book in return.

Postal regulations “Free matter for the blind and handicapped”

  1. Library materials and special equipment are sent via “FREE MATTER FOR THE BLIND OR HANDICAPPED” to eligible patrons. These items should be returned in the same manner.
  2. Letters qualify for postage free mailing ONLY if the following apply:
    1. The sender is blind or a qualified physically handicapped individual.
    2. The letter is unsealed.
    3. The letter is in a form usable by blind or physically handicapped persons, i.e. braille, 14-point or larger type, or in a recorded format.
  3. Do not send handwritten letters or letters in standard type via “FREE MATTER…”
  4. Do not place any correspondence to the library in the containers or boxes. Contact us by phone.