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ALERT! In abundance of caution to support the health of our communities, ALL Hawaii State Public Library locations and bookmobile services will be suspended March 18 - May 5, 2020. Read more.

Available services

LBPH offers a variety of services to support reading and access to information.

  • Books & magazines
    • Thousands of titles available in audio, large type and braille formats. Direct mail subscriptions for magazines available free of charge.
  • Catalogs
    • Listings of audio and braille books and magazines are available in audio, braille and large-type formats. Direct mail subscriptions from the producer are available free of charge.
  • Booklists
    • A list of new large-type books is mailed out to registered patrons 3 times a year.
  • BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download)
    • Downloadable books and magazines in audio and electronic braille formats. Users must have computer with high speed Internet connection with email address, ability to zip and unzip files, and a device to read materials.
    • Mobile apps available.
  • Machines and equipment
    • Special machines designed to play the NLS distributed audio books and magazines are available. Machine repair/replacement for malfunctioning NLS equipment is provided by LBPH. Other equipment offered includes player accessories (special headphones, speakers, or amplifiers) and radio receivers for users of the Radio Reading Service.
    • See machine and equipment policies.
  • Transcribing services
    • Transcription of regular print materials into audio and braille available to patrons upon request. Material may be transcribed only if not already available in the desired format.
  • Radio Reading Service
    • 24/7 closed-circuit radio programming for registered patrons. Narrators read articles, obituaries, grocery ads, and more from local newspapers and magazines. A special no cost radio receiver from LBPH is needed.
  • Accessible computers
    • Equipped with magnification software that enlarges everything on the computer screen and screen reader software that turns text to speech for many computer applications. Computers are available at all branches.
  • Magnifiers
    • Devices that magnify printed materials like letters, newspapers, and magazines are available for public use. No printing capability.
  • Web-braille
    • Electronic braille files may be downloaded from our online catalog. Patron needs computer, Internet connection, email address and refreshable braille equipment.