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Governor (4 Year Term)

  • IGE, David Yutaka (D) (Incumbent)
  • BLACKWELL, Selina T. (N) (no website listed)
  • BREWER, Jim (G) (no website listed)
  • CARAVALHO, Ernest (D)
  • CARROLL, John (R)
  • EL, Link (N)
  • HANABUSA, Colleen Wakako (D)
  • KA’EHU’AE’A, Wendell J. (D) (no website listed)
  • KIM, Richard Y. (D)
  • LHEUREUX, Ray (R)
  • TANABE, Van (Tanaban) (D)
  • TERUYA, Terrence K. (N) (no website listed)
  • TUPOLA, Andria (R)

Lieutenant Governor (4 Year Term)

U.S. House of Representatives (2 Year Term)

District 1

  • BURD, Zachary B. (G) (no website listed)
  • CASE, Ed (D)
  • CAVASSO, Cam (R)
  • CHIN, Doug S. (D)
  • CIPOLLA, John E. (N) (no website listed)
  • FUKUMOTO, Beth Keiko (D)
  • GRIFFIN, Calvin “G” C. (N) (no website listed)
  • ING, Kaniela Saito (D)
  • KIM, Donna Mercado (D)
  • MARTIN, Ernest Yorihiko (D)
  • PULETASI, Sam (D) (no website listed)
  • TIPPENS, Michelle Rose (L)
  • VINOLE, Raymond Rene (R)

District 2

  • GABBARD, Tulsi (D)(Incumbent)
  • ALU CAMPAGNA, Sherry (D)
  • AUSTIN, Anthony Tony (D)
  • EVANS, Brian (R)

U.S. Senate (6 Year Term)

  • HIRONO, Mazie K. (D) (Incumbent)
  • ANDERSON, Consuelo (R) (no website listed)
  • BERISH, George L. (R)
  • CURTIS, Ron (R)
  • DE LA FUENTE, Rocky Mamaka (R)
  • HAVERTY, Charles (Charlie) (N) (no website listed)
  • HELSHAM, Robert C. Sr. (R)
  • HODGKISS, Michael R. (R) (no website listed)
  • MAERTENS, Matthew K. (N) (no website listed)
  • PIRKOWSKI, Eddie (R)
  • REYES, Arturo Pacheco (N) (no website listed)
  • WHITE, Thomas E. (R) (no website listed)

Office of Hawaiian Affairs Elections

Vote for not more than one (1)

Maui Resident Trustee

  • KAPU, Ke’eaumoku (no website listed)
  • LINDSEY, Carmen Huhu (no website listed)

Oahu Resident Trustee

  • AKAKA, Kalei (no website listed)
  • BURKE, Jackie Kahookele
  • KALIMA, Leona Mapuana (no website listed)
  • KIA’AINA, Esther
  • KING, Samuel Wilder II
  • MOSSMAN, Paul
  • MURRAY, Francine Kanani

Vote for not more than three (3)

At-Large Resident Trustee

  • AHU ISA, Lei (Leina’ala) (no website listed)
  • AILA, William J. Jr. (no website listed)
  • AKANA, Rowena Noelani
  • AKINA, Alvin A. (Auhana) (no website listed)
  • AMSTERDAM, C. Kaui Jochanan (no website listed)
  • HANOHANO, Faye (Pua) (no website listed)
  • LEE, Brendon Kalei’aina (no website listed)
  • MAKEKAU, Keali’I (no website listed)
  • PA’ALUHI, Marc Kalai
  • PAIKAI, Landen D.K.K.
  • PARIS, Makana
  • PUUOHAU, Kali (no website listed)
  • RYAN, Pohai (no website listed)
  • SHARSH-DAVIS, Lei (no website listed)
  • WAIHEE, John D., IV (no website listed)