Pay fines and fees

What does the library charge for overdue items?

ItemDaily fineMaximum fine
Books and all other materials on 3 weeks loan$0.25 per item$7.50 per item
VHS tapes$0.25 per item$7.50 per item
DVDs$0.25 per item$7.50 per item
Reserved materials not picked up$1.00 per item charge for all reserved materials not picked up at the library by the indicated pick up date.-
VHS tapes returned unwound$1.00 per video charge for all videotapes returned but not rewound-

How do I pay a fee or fine?

Currently, visit your favorite library branch and you will be able to pay any fees and fines at the circulation desk. All libraries currently only accept cash and/or checks.

Please be aware that there is a service fee of $25.00 for a returned check. This fee is defined in HSPLS Administrative Rule §8-200.8.11, which states that “A library customer shall be assessed a service charge for any dishonored check in accordance with section 40-35.5, Hawaii Revised Statutes.”

How do I stop fines from building up on my account if my books are overdue?

Return your overdue library materials as soon as possible to stop additional fines from being charged against your account. Pay your fines and other fees as soon as you can. However, please note that the maximum “fines threshold” is $10.00. This means that you will not be able to use your library card if you have fines or charges of $10.00 or more.

How do I work with the library if I have lost or damaged a library material?

If you have lost or damaged a library material so that it can no longer be used by other patrons, you will be responsible for the full valued cost of the material and a $5.00 non refundable processing fee. If you think you may be able to find an exact new replacement copy of the item, please contact library staff for assistance.