Custom research


Custom research service may be made available at any HSPLS library.  Library customers may request assistance with research that requires extensive consultation and specialized research knowledge or expertise of a librarian to investigate a complex question or information request by analyzing, creating, interpreting, compiling, indexing, or otherwise synthesizing specific or detailed information from numerous primary, secondary, or interdisciplinary resources within the system or from libraries or other resources not within the system.


If a library branch offers this service, it will charge a minimum fee of $60 for each request or project plus $60 per hour. Custom research service in excess of one hour shall be charged on a quarter hour basis.

A library customer may be charged any other applicable charge or fee necessary to complete or otherwise perform the custom research, including any computer charges levied by an external database; information retrieval costs, including inter-library loan charges, telecopying, photocopying, postage, or handling, assessed by libraries not within the system or from other resources; and all applicable copyright fees and charges.  All enhanced service fees and charges shall be applied against the library customer’s library card account.

Risks and liabilities

The library customer requesting custom research service assumes any and all risks and liabilities and waives any claims against a public library arising from any information or research provided by a public library through the custom research service.

In State holiday observance of King Kamehameha I Day, all public libraries will be closed on Tuesday, June 11, 2024.

In observance of the Independence Day holiday, all public libraries will be closed on Thursday, July 4, 2024.