Shakespearean insult generator

Angel(n) - 1. Evil genius, demon 2. Good genius, darling 3. Gold coin, having as its device the archangel Michael
Ape(n) - 1. Imitator 2. Fool 3. Term of endearment
Apple-john(n) - A kind of apple with a shriveled skin (associated with St. John's Day.)
Assail(vb) - Address with offers of love, woo, attempt to seduce
Atomy(adj) - 1. atom, mote, minute mark 2. Tiny being, mite
Barnacle(n) - Species of goose, believes to have begun life as a barnacle
Bass-court(n) - Lower courtyard, servant’s courtyard
Beef-witted(adj) - Beef-brained, thick-witted, brainless
Beetle-headed(adj) - Thick-headed, doltish
Beslubbering(adv) - Besmearing, bedaubing, spreading thickly
Best-tempered(adj) - Most skillfully crafted, of the finest quality [as of metal]
Biddy(n) - Fowl, chicken
Bilbo(n) - Well tempered sword (the test used to establish...)
Bladder(n) - Boil, pustule
Boil-brained(adj) - Hot-head, maniac, headstrong fellow
Bombard(n) - Leather jug for liquor
Bombast(n) - Cotton wool used for padding or stuffing
Bootless(adv) - Fruitlessly, uselessly, unsuccessfully, in vain; (adj) fruitless, useless, worthless
Bug-bear(n) - Hobgoblin, bogeyman
Bully(n) - A term of endearment and familiarity, fine fellow, a good friend
Candle-Waster(n) - Student, who sits late over his books
Carbuncle(n) - Precious stone of a red or firey color
Churlish(adj) - 1. Rude, blunt, ungracious 2. Violent, rough, harsh 3. Stiff, hard, unyielding
Clay-brained(adj) - Stupid
Clouted(adj) - Metal-studded, hobnailed
Cockered(adj) - Spoiled, indulged, pampered
Craven(adj) 1. Cowardly, weak-hearted, spineless 2. (n) [Cockfighting] Cock that shows no fighting spirit, coward 3. (v) Make cowardly, make timorous
Currish(adj) - Mean-spirited, snarling, quarrelsome
Dankish(adj) - Dank, damp, humid
Dewberry(n) - Variety of blackberry
Dismal-dreaming(adv) - Full of ill-boding dreams
Dissembling1. (adj) Deceitful, hypocritical, false 2. (n) Pretense, deceit, dissimulation
Earth-Vexing(n) - Troubling man's life
Eight Penny(adj) - Of little value
Enjoy(vb) - Possession of or use
Errant(adj) - Wandering, straying, erring
Fat-kidneyed(adj) - Gross and lubberly
Fawn(v) - Revel, gloat, show delight
Ferret(vb) - To worry
Fitchew, Fitchook(n) - A polecat
Fobbing(v) - Put off with a trick, get rid of, dispose of
Frothy(n) 1. Insubstantial thing, empty moment 2. (v) Make beer foam up
Froward(adj) - 1. Perverse, obstinate, willful, ungovernable 2. adverse, unfavorable, contrary
Fustilarian(n) - Smelly old woman
Fut(n) - God's foot
Gleeking1. To Gleek (n) taunt, jibe, insult 2. (v) Make a pointed joke, jest, gibe
Glut(vb) - 1. To swallow greedily, 2. To satiate
Gorbellied(adj) - Pot-bellied, fat-paunched
Harpy(n) - Half woman/ half vulture
Ill-bred(adj) - Badly brought up, lacking good manners
Impertinent(adj) - 1. Irrelevant, beside the point 2. Malapropism for ‘pertinent’
InfectiousTo infect (v) affect, influence, stir
Jolt head(n) - Blockhead, dolt, numskull
Loggerheaded(adj) - Thick-headed, stupid, doltish
Lumpish(adj) - Despondent, dejected, in low spirits
Mammer(v) - Stammer, hesitate, mutter
Mangled(adj) - To wound, gash, hack
Mew(v) - To mew like a cat, cry feebly
Month's Mind(n) - Inclination, liking
Motley-minded(adj) - Foolish
Nose-herb(n) - Scented plant, herb for smelling [as opposed to eating]
Nut-hook(n) - Constable, officer (a hook for pulling down nuts, hence a thief)
Oniin-eyed(adj) - Eyes filled with tears
Pathetical(adj) - 1. Moving, affecting 2. (Derogatory) Pitiable, despicable, contemptible
Paunch(v) - Stab in the paunch, wound in the stomach
Pigeon egg(n) - Something very small or insignificant
Pribble(vb) - Vain chatter and silly quarreling
Puny(adj) - Untried, inexperienced
Rank(adj) - 1. Growing in abundance, excessively luxuriant (unattractively) 2. Foul smelling, stinking 3. Foul, festering, diseased 4. Gross, outlandish, coarse 5. Lascivious, lustful, lewd
Reeky(adj) - Foul-smelling, smoky
Roguish(adj) - Wild
Rump-fed(adj) - Pampered
Scut(n) - Short tail (as of a deer)
Sith(adv) - Since that time
Smilet(n) - Slight smile
Spleeny(adj) - Hot-headed, over-emotional
Spongy(adj) - 1. Rainy, damp, soggy 2. Soaked with drink, drunken
Surly(adj) - 1. Imperious, haughty, arrogant 2. Gloomy, dismal, stern
Sweet-suggesting(adj) - Sweetly tempting, seductive, irresistible
Tiger-footed(adj) - Fierce and swift
Tottering(adj) - 1. Wavering, vacillating, fluctuating 2. Tattered, ragged, frayed
True-penny(n) - An honest or trusty person
Vain(adj) - 1. Foolish, silly, stupid 2. Worthless, idle, useless, empty 3. (n) Deceptive, false idle (in words)
Varlet(n) - Knave, rogue, rascal
Venomed(adj) - Venomous, poisonous
Villainous(adj) - Vilely, detestably
Wafer-cake(n) - Type of thin, lightweight cake
Wag(n) - Mischievous boy
Warped(adj) - Twisted, distorted
Wayward(adj) - 1. Perverse, unreasonable, awkward 2. Changeable, capricious, erratic, 3. Hostile, contrary, antagonistic
Weedy(adj) - Made of weeds
Weeping-ripe(adj) - Ready to weep, on the point of tears
Young-eyed(adj) - Having the bright or lively eyes of a young person. Frequently figurative (chiefly poetic): energetic lively, enthusiastic; naive; new.