Hawaii Documents

The Hawaii Documents Center, located in the Hawaii State Library, is responsible for collecting, organizing and distributing the publications of the Hawaii State government, and the four county governments within the state of Hawaii. The Center is authorized under Hawaii Revised Statutes §93-3.

The Hawaii Documents Center maintains the largest collection of state and county documents in the Hawaii State Public Library System. Other depository collections are located in the following libraries.


Neighbor Islands

Most Hawaii documents are listed in the Hawaii State Public Library System’s online catalog. In addition, older documents, dating to the mid 1960’s are available on microfilm at the 7 depository libraries.

The Hawaii Documents List is a record of accessions for the fiscal year. It is arranged by agency, with state publications listed first, followed by county publications.

The Public Review List is a list of publications that are currently available for public review at the Hawaii State Library. It is arranged by date. Some of the publications are available at neighborhood libraries. Please contact individual libraries for information.

TitleLast updated
Hawaii Documents List FY 2007-0806/30/2008
Hawaii Documents List FY 2008-0906/29/2010
Hawaii Documents List FY 2009-1006/24/2010
Hawaii Documents List FY 2010-1106/03/2011
Hawaii Documents List FY 2011-1210/17/2012
Hawaii Documents List FY 2012-1308/01/2013
Hawaii Documents List FY 2013-1403/06/2015
Hawaii Documents List FY 2014-1507/21/2015
Hawaii Documents List FY 2015-1607/25/2016
Hawaii Documents List FY 2016-1708/12/2017
Hawaii Documents List FY 2017-1812/01/2018
Hawaii Documents List FY 2018-1909/01/2019
Hawaii Documents List FY 2019-2011/04/2020
Hawaii Documents List FY 2020-2109/07/2021
Hawaii Documents List FY 2021-229/29/2022
Hawaii Documents List FY 2022-237/06/2023
Hawaii Documents List FY 2023-24Current
Public Review List 2012-201308/01/2013
Public Review List 2013-201402/12/2015
Public Review List 2014-201507/21/2015
Public Review List 2015-201607/25/2016
Public Review List 2016-201708/12/2017
Public Review List 2017-201812/01/2018
Public Review List 2018-201907/01/2019
Public Review List 2019-202011/04/2020
Public Review List 2020-202109/07/2021
Public Review List 2021-20226/23/2022
Public Review List 2022-20237/06/2023
Public Review List 2023-2024Current

For more information, please contact the Hawaii Documents Center at (808) 586-3543.

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