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1) Electric lights, illuminated for King Kalakaua’s birthday Jubilee in Nov 1886, were introduced at Iolani Palace _______ years before electricity was installed at the White house in Washington, D.C.

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2) Which fictional character was modeled on the real Hawaii lawman Chang Apana who used a bullwhip and once rounded up a group of 40 gamblers without firing a shot?

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3) The double-pitched “Hawaiian roof,” like that of the Alexander & Baldwin Building and the Wailuku Library, is the trademark style of which Hawaii architect?

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4) Waikiki Aquarium, established by the Honolulu Rapid Transit and Land Company in 1904, is the ______ oldest aquarium in the United States.

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5) In 1965, Hawaii state legislature passed a resolution to donate sculptures to the National Statuary Hall Collection at the US Capitol representing King Kamehameha I and which other significant figure in Hawaii’s history?

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6) The March 5, 1906 opening of which new Honolulu entertainment venue caused the Hawaiian Star to report “Those who went… in anticipation of watching funny sights, were not disappointed.”

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7) In 1920, a robber made off with a locomotive and more than $11,000 during Hawaii’s first and only train robbery about two miles from which city?

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8) How much did it cost for a downstairs reserved seat ticket for the first showing of a silent movie in Hawaii at the Hawaiian Opera Theatre on February 5, 1897?

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9) On Jan 11, 1851, for “the protection of the residents of Honolulu,” King Kamehameha III enacted an ordinance creating what department?

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10) Which song, composed by Prince Leleiohoku in the last half of the 19th Century, is known today by the title it received in the 1930s after the melody was set to an up-tempo beat?

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