Borrow My Heart Book Cover

Borrow My Heart
Kasie West

The Brothers Hawthorn Book Cover

The Brothers Hawthorn
Jennifer Barnes

Curious Tides Book Cover

Curious Tides
Pascale Lacelle

The Davenports Book Cover

The Davenports
Krystal Marquis

Dear Medusa Book Cover

Dear Medusa
Oliva A Cole

Delicious Monsters Book Cover

Delicious Monsters
Liselle Sambury

The Depths Book Cover

The Depths
Nicole Lesperance

Enter the Body Book Cover

Enter the Body
Joy McCullough

Give me a Sign Book Cover

Give me a Sign
Anna Sortino

I am not alone Book Cover

I am not alone
Francisco X Stork

In Nightfall Book Cover

In Nightfall
Suzanne Young

InterWorld Book Cover

Neil Gaiman

Into the light Book Cover

Into the light
Mark Oshiro

Invisible Son Book Cover

Invisible Son
Kim Johnson

Look on the Bright Side Book Cover

Look on the Bright Side
Lily Williams

The Love Match Book Cover

The Love Match
Priyanka Taslim

Lying in the Deep Book Cover

Lying in the Deep
Diana Urban

The Name Drop Book Cover

The Name Drop
Susan Lee

Paper Planes Book Cover

Paper Planes
Jennie Wood

Plan A Book Cover

Plan A
Deb Caletti

Her Radiant Curse Book Cover

Her Radiant Curse
Elizabeth Lim

Scout's Honor Book Cover

Scout’s Honor
Lily Anderson

The Search For Us Book Cover

The Search For Us
Susan Azim Boyer

Something More Book Cover

Something More
Jackie Khalilieh

Suddenly a Murder Book Cover

Suddenly a Murder
Lauren Munoz

Sunshine Book Cover

Jarrett Krosoczka

Thieves' Gambit Book Cover

Thieves’ Gambit
Kayvion Lewis

Unraveller Book Cover

Frances Hardinge

If you have read all of those…

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