Participate in the Hawaii State Legislative Process


The 31st Hawaii State Legislature convened on January 19, 2022. Public libraries are here to support your access and participation with the in-person or virtual legislative process.

We have created a Quick guide to get you started, and additional resources are available on the Public Access Room website on how to participate in the State legislative process. You can also contact them by calling 808-587-0478.

All public library branches are able to provide the following:

  • Computers and internet access. Learn more about Computer Time at the Library.
  • WiFi available on the outside of all of our branches if you have a device and just need internet connectivity.
  • If you are scheduled to provide oral testimony, we can assist you in connecting to your hearing. Please contact your favorite library to schedule computer access.


All hearings and floor sessions will be broadcast via YouTube. View Live and On-Demand Video

All testimony must be submitted through the Hawaii State Legislature’s online system. Once registered with this system, you will be able to set up a personalized account to create measure tracking lists, submit written testimony without the need to re-enter required information, and receive hearing notice notifications by email.  Committees will not be able to accept written testimony via email. All testimony must be submitted online using the State Legislatures online form.

Register with the Hawaii State Legislature | Complete the online form

Submit Testimony onlineLog in to your Hawaii State Legislature Account | Make sure to submit 24 hours before the hearing!

Testify | Log in to your Hawaii Legislature Account

  1. When you are submitting your online testimony, you will be given two choices: 1) Remotely via Zoom during the hearing & submitting written testimony; or 2)  Written testimony only.
  2. Once you submit your testimony and request to testify, in your account you should see a note in the green “Your Testimony” section that says Zoom Requested.
  3. If you are registered to testify via Zoom, where the Zoom Requested wording was located when you submitted your testimony, it will change to a Join link 3 hours prior to the hearing.
  4. On the day of the hearing, Log in to your Hawaii State Legislative Account and click on the Join link. The Zoom meeting will start 20-30 minutes before the hearing. You will be put in the waiting room and admitted to the meeting after staff verify that you have been registered to testify. While you wait, please keep your mic muted and video off and “Chat” open. Before it’s your turn to testify, staff will ask you to turn on your video. When the Chair calls on you to testify, please unmute your mic. Please make sure you are on time for the hearing and prepared to share your mana’o. If you cannot make it, please contact the committee.

This is a new process for the Hawaii State Legislature. Due to the need to manage physical and virtual spaces, each of the hearings will have defined time slots. Every effort will be made to accommodate as many people as possible, but please understand that there may be times when they simply run out of time for virtual testimony. Should you not be able to testify, your written testimony will be on record.

The Hawaii State Legislature has put together Remote Testimony Instructions, which has more detail and links to information about using Zoom.