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Budget policy

Policy 600-2

The establishment of budget priorities is one of the primary ways in which the Board of Education (Board) articulates its policies to the Hawaii State Public Library System (HSPLS). Those priorities are articulated through approval of the biennial and supplemental budgets that specify how, where, and in what amount funds are to be expended.

Any HSPLS proposal to make adjustments in the operating budget and Capital Improvements Program budget shall require prior approval of the Board and shall include, but shall not be limited to, justification on the:

  • Detailed description by cost element and the means of financing of positions, equipment, or other current expenses being requested;
  • Fiscal impact of partial or zero funding for the request;
  • Impact on public satisfaction and facility requirements;
  • Impact on other state programs and agencies;
  • Strategic goals supported;
  • Measurable deliverables; and
  • Identification of resources currently being used to address the problem or funding shortfall

Determination of the merits of budget adjustments shall be based on whether the adjustments address Board and HSPLS goals, objectives, and standards. Budget requests for funding and staff increases shall be evaluated on the basis of the justifications, evaluations, pertinent data, and reports provided and consistent with Board approved goals, objectives, and policies for HSPLS.

Approved: 09/06/07