Important Alert #1:  The Liliha Public Library will be closed for major renovations starting Saturday, November 24, 2018. For more information, click here.

Important Alert #2:  The Ewa Beach Public and School Library will be closed from Tuesday, December 25, 2018 to Tuesday, January 1, 2019 due to an ongoing construction project on the Campbell High School campus.  Additionally, the library will have special hours on Monday, December 24th, from 10a.m. - 5p.m., and the public computers will be down in preparation for the power shutdown associated with the construction.  The library's book drop will be open throughout the closure period.  We apologize for this inconvenience to our Ewa Beach library users.


Naming of HSPLS facilities policy

Policy 600-4

All new Hawaii State Public Library facilities shall be named by, or the names shall be approved by the State Board of Education.

The names of all new Hawaii State public library facilities shall represent the geographic area where the facility is situated or located.


A. Naming of New Public Library Facilities

  1. The State Librarian shall recommend a name for any new public library facility. The recommendation shall be submitted to the State Board of Education Committee on Public Libraries for review and to the full Board of Education for final approval.
  2. Public library facilities shall be named solely for the geographic area where the facility is situated or located.
  3. Dual geographic area names (i.e. Salt Lake – Moanalua Public Library) shall be discouraged.
  4. Whenever possible, libraries shall be named for the specific city or district where they are situated which is identified with the U.S. Postal Service ZIP Code for the location.

B. Naming of Rooms and Sections Within Library Facilities

  1. A room or section within any library facility may be named for past distinguished staff, donors of library facilities, donors of substantial sums of money to the benefit of the Hawaii State Public Library System, or for any other person for meritorious reason.
  2. Proposals for naming of rooms or sections at library facilities shall be forwarded to the State Librarian for review. The State Librarian shall review and discuss the proposal with the staff of the affected library facility, and when appropriate, with representatives of the community where the facility is located.
  3. The State Librarian shall inform the Board of Education Committee on Public Libraries of the proposed naming of a room or section, and of his recommendation regarding the proposal. After review by the Committee, the proposal shall be submitted with their recommendations to the full Board of Education for final approval.