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When Cherry borrows ebooks and audiobooks from the library, she saves time and money!

I stumbled upon the Hawaii State Public Library System’s Overdrive app a few years ago. The app allows me to borrow ebooks and audiobooks for 3 weeks, which makes it easy for me to read and listen on the go. Nowadays, I’d rather listen to audiobooks than listen to music on long drives. I also love that I can read ebooks on my phone, ipad, or computer. In addition, I like that I am able to recommend new books to the Overdrive system and I can easily place myself on the waiting list so I can be one of the first ones to read or listen to these books. Using this app has saved me money by not buying as much books as I did when I was younger. In fact, if I am looking for a book, I first look through Overdrive to see if it has it so I can borrow it for free. Finally, I am currently trying to improve our finances, save for retirement, etc., so I’ve been borrowing lots of books on personal finance. I’ve been learning a lot of tips and strategies that I’ve never thought about before so I’ve been working on incorporating what I read into our finances.

– Cherry

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