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When Pamela does research at Kailua Public Library, she is where she belongs.

I began visiting the Kailua Library on Oahu as a young girl in the second grade. I loved to read. I traveled the world. It was especially gratifying to find out where the place was that my father was always inviting me to go with him to, Timbuktu!

The library nurtured me as I grew. The reference section of art books, literature and history were so interesting that the information helped me when I went to college many years later. The literature I studied on my own helped me to pass a CLEP literature course with high marks. The library was the only place I was exposed to the majority of poetry and classic literature. The art history I studied helped me in my chosen field of art as an adult.

I began reading mystery stories in the juvenile section. It fed my curiosity and that increased my desire to learn as much as I could about the world around me. All of the reading I did throughout the years at Kailua Library set a pattern in my life of meeting new challenges by checking the library first to learn what I needed to know and then what others had experienced in similar challenges.

After raising three children and going back to college, I remembered the new things I was learning in relation to the old. Nothing was wasted. It all shaped me and helped me to focus on the subjects that would help me get the dream job that I never would have had if I had not been able to develop and satisfy a curious mind in this, our Kailua Library.

I have so much appreciation for all the past librarians that have assisted me along the way. Especially one librarian in particular. Unfortunately, I cannot remember her name now, but she retired. She was always helpful and even received an inter-library loan from Colorado for a very special book. She did a lot of paperwork I’m sure. By her kindness, she taught me the value of doing a good job. We need librarians and libraries. I thank Kailua Library for a great learning experience.

– Pamela


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