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When Joy is listening to a good book on the Victor Reading Stream, she’s where she belongs.

The Library for the Blind has been a very important part of my life. It’s given me accessibility to the enjoyment of reading. It’s helped to keep my mind and imagination active and depending on the book, relaxation and laughter.

I use both the digital talking book machine and have digital books sent to me; and the Victor Reader Stream which is an electronic tool that allows independent downloading and reading of NLS books through the Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) program. I have the independence to download books at my convenience.

During the years when my daughter was young, we both enjoyed the twin vision (print/braille) books. It provided special shared time together.

I also talk to students at the Library for the Blind sharing information of my guide dog and the materials which the library provides and also some tools which the visually impaired can use all to improve with daily living.

Sharing these with students & parents provides me with the satisfaction that I have provided awareness that visually impaired individuals are normal people but we use slightly different methods.

I am grateful for the different opportunities that the library offers to enhance my life.

– Joy

Thank you, Joy, for telling your story!

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