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Joanna Wright photo

When Joanna visits the library with her son, they are where they belong.

When my son was about three years old, he started to lose interest in books. Thankfully, a trip to the Hawaii State Library soon proved that he was just bored of having the same books read to him and was excited about different ones! Since then, library trips have been a cherished part of our together time, and I’ve gotten to share with him not only the books I enjoyed as a child but also many great children’s classics I had never read before. Now he is 8 years old and still asks me to read to him, but he also voraciously devours books on his own. Thank you Hawaii Public Libraries!

– Joanna

Thank you, Joanna, for telling your story!

Their favorite book

Cover of book The Lorax

The Lorax
Dr. Seuss

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