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Octavia patron photo

When Octavia visited the Wailuku Public Library and found many copies of her old favorites, she’s where she belongs.

My husband and I are visiting from Ocean Shores, Washington on our first visit to Maui. Today, we took the bus to Wailuku. After lunch, we went to the library for some quiet time. The Wailuku Library is such a warm, inviting and peaceful place. To top it off, we found it had copies of many old favorites, so we each found a book, grabbed a seat, and spent a great 2 hours lost in another world, literally and figuratively. We were very glad to see that on a Friday afternoon there were quite a number of adults and kids using this wonderful resource. Thank you for this heritage gift. Mahalo!

– Octavia


Thank you, Octavia, for telling your story!

Octavia’s favorite book

The Eagle Has Landed book cover








The Eagle Has Landed
Jack Higgins

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